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Name: Myrnin
Age: 975--give or take a few years [looks to be in his late 20's]
Undead Date: Sometime shortly before the Magna Carta was signed. That's 1215 for those products of the public school system.
I also like long, moonlight walks on the beach, O Positive and pink bunny slippers. Come a little closer said the spider to the fly and I’ll tell you so much more.

Creations  34


“I promise to protect her with my last breath but I suppose that doesn't mean much as I took my last breath sometime before the Magna Carta was signed”

The Magna Carta was signed in 1215. That makes Myrnin nearly a thousand years old. The only vampire in Morganville older than Myrnin is Amelie, the Founder and probably the one who turned Myrnin.

As a human and likely for years after wards, Myrnin was known as Lord Myrnin of Conroy. Oliver implies at one point that Myrnin was royalty. He tells him that he refuses to bow to him even if he were a “prince or a king”. Myrnin is a genius. He was a genius alchemist/scientist/physicist as a human . Amelie deemed him too brilliant to be allowed to die and Myrnin “never wanted to be a monster [He] just wanted to learn forever” . He was in his mid to late twenties when he was turned. I believe that he was sick, possibly with a plague but definitely terminal and that was the reason for Amelie's statement about allowing him to die.

At one point during Myrnin's very long life he parties with Oscar Wilde, mentions the original Goth clan [Byron and the Shelleys] as if he were familiar with them and has a secret affair with Queen Elizabeth, the first one. Around the beginning of the twentieth century Myrnin begin to get sick with a disease that can only be described as Vampire Alzheimer’s. In fact all of Amelie's vampires were getting sick. Vampires were dying and Amelie begin an experiment called Morganville—vampires and humans living in relative harmony. Of course the vampires were the ones in control. She convinced Myrnin to move to Morganville and help her by giving him the resources to build a machine he'd been working on for nearly 300 years.

That is how Ada came about. Ada is a machine a bit like a computer. She is responsible for putting invisible barriers around Morganville. Cars die before reaching the city limits, accidents happen, people get confused and turn around. For whatever the reason because of Ada people can't leave Morganville without permission from Amelie. Ada is also capable of removing select memories from people's heads or wiping their minds entirely and she can create intradimensional portals through the town of Morganville for the vampires to travel through. All of it is because of Myrnin's genius...and the vampire brain he uses as the computer's processor. She was also the love of his life before he killed her. Putting her brain in the computer was a way to keep her with him forever.


Have I mentioned that Myrnin was batshit insane before he got sick because he was and even now that he's cured, he's more than a little off. He dresses eccentrically, mixing fashion from various centuries as well as formal and casual wear. Sometimes he'll forget to wear a shirt or shoes at all. He jumps from shiny thing to shiny thing, doesn't get the importance of some things and considers humans to be lesser beings but some of them are very nice pets. He is capable of love and even capable of loving humans.

He gets distracted easily. He often waxes nostalgic. He gets lost sometimes, forgetting where he is or what century it is. Occasionally he realizes that he is the monster he never wanted to be and it crushes him. Sometimes he needs help to find his way back. He's basically a fool in the jester sense of the word rather than the intelligence sense. He's an incredibly brilliant fool though and excels at a game of chess, whether it's actual chess or life using humans as pawns. He prefers to play the long game, coming out from behind for the checkmate.

Myrnin is possessive, needy and he struggles against being what he is. He loves learning anything and everything above all else.


Outside of his genius, Myrnin is incredibly strong. Pick up a car and throw it strong. He's blur fast and he's old enough that he's “flame retardant”. He can't spend a day in the sun but a walk to run errands isn't out of the question especially if he wears a broad brimmed hat and leather coat. He has the ability to wipe memories or simply pick certain ones out of a human's brain. He can also compel to a certain extent. He can't make a human do something against their will but he can make them feel things like fear, attraction, love, confusion, etc. He doesn't use this often because to him it falls into the 'monster' category and as previously stated, that's something he never wanted to be.

Myrnin can only be killed by massive amounts of silver in his bloodstream for a good amount of time, beheading or by fire. However you'd have to lock him in a room on fire for it to work. He can heal massive burns. Staking him will paralyze him but if he manages to get the stake out it will only piss him off. He'll send you the bill for his shirt because he really *likes* his clothes.

A very small look at Myrnin's wardrobe

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